Designer Says Silent Hill Wii Looks Like PS3/360 Game

"(Shattered Memories has) a ton of effects which I haven't seen elsewhere or done quite as well," says Barlow. "The lighting is an obvious hook -- full shadowing off everything, self shadowing on characters. Even the snowflakes cast shadows. Then there's the suite of ice shaders that are better than anything else I've seen on Wii."

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ZuperAmazingCooKie3536d ago

Newsflash for him: PS360 games already look like PS4/Xbox 720 games

IzKyD13313536d ago

Well, this guy's not being fair, just because your game looks better than Too Human doesn't make it nex gen quality

JsonHenry3536d ago

That is funny, because even though I really liked SH:Homecoming, I thought it looked like something that could have been pulled off on the Wii.


this guy is smoking some good bud.

cuz it got him seein sh1t

rambi803536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

If they keep making the statement enough times maybe it will come true + 480p will look as good as 1080p

maybe if they closed their eyes + clicked their heels they could be in the present generation

Solbadguy3536d ago

Say whatever you can to sell your game.

poindat3536d ago

Good times, but unfortunately good things don't last and the Silent Hill series is going downhill fast.

Either get the original devs back on it or kill the series.

Sangria3536d ago

As fast as Resident Evil?

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The story is too old to be commented.