For disabled, video games can be a lifesaver

Nissa Ludwig used to be musician and a dancer and a performer. But ever since a progressive metabolic disorder rendered her wheelchair-bound, "Rock Band" is as close as she gets to the stage.

"It's a place where you don't lose your social skills," says Ludwig, a top-ranked bass player in "Rock Band." "I have the opportunity to be a human being and not be judged by what I look like."

And, she says, it gives her a chance to play music - virtual though it may be - with other people again. "Nobody plays an instrument because they want to play alone. It's social," says Ludwig.

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Redgehammer3538d ago

I am disabled gamer, but when I rain down crit rockets upon you, you can't tell and that's why I love gaming, it gives us all legs.

drubils3538d ago

Thanks Captain Tuttle. This was a good read and I can relate to it. being stuck at home and not able to drive I do use video games to take up my time. So far I can play most games when feeling pretty good. There are just a few days where I can't play video games at all.