In Appreciation of Dave Arneson

Don Daglow @ Gamasutra: "I just learned of the death of Dave Arneson.

Many gamers may not realize it, but Dave affected the lives and careers of almost everyone in our industry. He represents one of a small group of people who turned games into Games in the late 1960's and early 1970's. Partnered with Gary Gygax and others, much of what we now take for granted in RPG's was developed from his imagination and logic.

Gamasutra and other sites have covered the news of his death, but I wanted to add a personal note.

I've worked on computer RPG's for 34 years, from mainframes and Intellivision all the way up to MMORPG's and modern consoles. I could not have designed a single level of those games without knowing and playing the work of Dave Arneson."

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