CryEngine 2 RPG : Forged by Chaos - New Screenshots

Panzar Games has announced Forged by Chaos. A fantasy RPG for the PC using the Crysis Engine.

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DragonWarrior_43540d ago

Now this looks promising. I would love to see Besthesda use the Crysis engine on their next Elder Scrolls game.

Chubear3540d ago

What if a company uses the Edge Engine (used in Killzone II) for an RPG or MMO. I'm glad an RPG is going to be using an engine like CryEngine2. Great times ahead for gamers.

CptBach3540d ago

Quite disappointing... The graphics are cool but the models suck

FlameBaitGod3540d ago

SE better step their game up lol

The Phantom Agree3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

Bubbles and agrees for everyone who posted above me :D

Yea the models look horrendous, but I think that's just in general (the characters look ugly)

I wanna see the next Elder Scrolls with amazing graphics but i don't want this engine to become like the Unreal Engine in the sense where it becomes way too overused

Totally agree, maybe Sony have a secret game using that engine :P

TheExecutive3539d ago

Whats interesting about this for console owners is this is about what to expect for next gen's RPG's (At least at the beginning of the life cycle)

MNicholas3539d ago

Normal maps are good but overall texture quality, polygon models and effects are sub-par.

Very disappointing for an upcoming PC title. It amply demonstrates the vast gap we often see between marketing hype for an engine (with the requisite laundry list of "supported features") and actual results.

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Agent VX3540d ago

Definitely the best looking Graphics Engine on the console market right now.

crazy-eyez-killah3540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

Thats PC.. It would fry your rookie little x-box.

Ghoul3540d ago


its not on consoles, and cryengine for consoles is FAAAAR away from making yourself a conclusion since its pre alpha status and far from finished.

Agent VX3540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )


No "Da" Einstein, my PS3 and 360 would be cook up and explode if they ran the level of detail/resolution/fps the PC can do with this engine.

We all know a modern PC can run circles around the consoles graphically.


"Rolls Eyes" There is no game using it right now, but it's already scheduled for use on the consoles. Get the facts right folks before you comment.

crazy-eyez-killah3540d ago

"Definitely the best looking Graphics Engine on the console market right now."


Lawliet3540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

*CryEngine 2
I'm afraid you've mistaken CE3 for CE2, Agent VX.
The game looks amazing, but to tell the truth that ain't something new.

Chubear3540d ago

Denying the Edge Engine is indeed the very finest graphics engine on consoles is just weaksauce when we've seen it surpassed a trailer that people like you said could never be done even on the PS4.

Marcelles253540d ago

its called the "deferred renderer"
its not really a name but thats whats its called cause its not an engine that can be licensed

FlameBaitGod3540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

Lol he though it was on consoles. Ah dood your so sad :). You try but always fall bro, its time to get a ps3 bro. And to you guys who are talking, are you designing the ps4 or the next xbox to know that ? Oh yeah thx. You guys seen shots of the engine but we haven't seen any games on it, lets wait and see. We should have this kinds of talk once the PS4 is out and once the cry engine has a game out.

Hands3539d ago

I would say do some searching on the web before anyone posts. As I know, cause it takes literally under a minute to type in "cryengine 2 for consoles?" (the tricky part is debating to use yahoo or google). Just from titles of search results alone you can get your answers. The below video is the result of me going through with what I just typed. It was even the 3rd link on google. This comment and the search took just 5 minutes. Now whats more important 5 minutes or spending hours debating and having no clue.


Nice video PC looks way more better but to bad my PC is twice the price of a PS3 and has triple core 2,1 GHZ Phenom processors, 8500 GT and 3GB ram and it can barely run Gears of War with 5 FPS and WoW on full setting 1600x1050 with just under 7 FPS. Also it HP so that why it may suck :(

velaxun3539d ago

The puny 8500 you have in there is your biggest problem. go buy an 8800GT and try those games again. you'll be pleasantly surprised

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TrevorPhillips3540d ago

wow thats nice for sure on 360 and ps3 but pc not really bad controlls

Fishy Fingers3540d ago

I'm struggling to make out what your trying to say but this is a PC only game. CryEngine 2 is not set up for the consoles. That's CryEngine 3.

MisfitSmurf3539d ago

i think he ment that it would be good on the ps3 or the 360, but not the pc due to controls ?

TheIneffableBob3539d ago

Which is an odd thing to say because the PC supports 360 and PS3 controllers.

Reibooi3540d ago

Looks pretty good graphically but I really am getting sick and tired of generic fantasy stuff. No one seems to be trying to shake things up.

Chubear3540d ago

yeah but the second someone tries to you'll likely dogg them to hell in favour of the tried and true games you're used to.

dreamtheater873540d ago

Judging from the screens this appears to be a sort of melee arena/deathmatch game rather than a full blown open world rpg. Time will tell. The only RPG I'm looking forward to at the mo is DragonAge. Can't wait for Bioware's return to the fantasy genre.

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