Starcraft 2 will roll out in 2009

Logo of the famous game appears on the invitation to the special event sent to the Polish journalists. On the presentation the Polish game publisher, Licomp Empik Multimedia, will show the games from the 2009 lineup – Starcraft II is one of them! Photo of the invitation is on Polish gaming blog, the highlighted sentence means "Lineup for 2009"

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sweter3536d ago

I have received the same invitation as the OP. YAY for Blizz.

Cubituss3536d ago

Having played SC2 at Blizzcon I must admit that the sequel still has this magical something that keeped me hooked up even though I'm not into RTS-es too much...

Timesplitter143536d ago

Show yourself, stealth disagreeer

Nihilism3535d ago

lol, fu<k thats funny and no it wasn't me, i just hate it how people disagree for the darkness, no one calls them out though, well done