Possible Assassin's Creed II cover

Spanish site presents a possible Assassin's Creed II cover.

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Blacktric3537d ago

It's gotta be official cover art from Ubisoft's artists. Or it has to be one very talented person's job.

Frnicatr3537d ago

Agreed. Usually fan made boxarts are bullshit, or really good but they don't seem to be box art material. This seems official and I'm lovin' it.

Yeah, that's right. I used McDonalds slogan.

JhawkFootball063537d ago

Looks like the cover for the first one

Cubituss3537d ago

Seems official, will update the story if I get a confirmation from Ubisoft. But to be honest, if it were not for the logo, I'd have confused it with the first game's artwork...

Xulap3537d ago

Looks legit, but...

Isn't that Altair? Isn't the main character someone else this time?

ThanatosDMC3537d ago

Cant wait to finish the game... damn, cliff hanger pissed me off to no end.

Deadman643537d ago

the "leaks" seem to say that you play another ancestor. So the character we play should be related to Altair.

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DavidMacDougall3537d ago

Am i missing something? The first game was so boring yet we all seem to care about the 2nd one?

Baba19063537d ago

it wasnt that bad. the fist two hours were fun. it just got way to repetitive. but thats why we are hoping to see something much better in the future.

Cubituss3537d ago

Not if you played it in short 1-2 hours periods. I did (yes dude, I'm old ;)) and I really enjoyed it. I must agree with you though, that if I had to sit 7 hours straight, I'd get utterly bored.

SevWolf3537d ago

Actually if you really think of it you can consider Assassins creed as a flawed masterpiece, maybe masterpiece isnt the right word but it could have been, the gameplay was very fun and, most of the time, satisfying but then it got really repetitive, now in the sequel if they add new features(gameplay, setting,storyline...) and learned from their mistake of repitition then we could be in to one great game

DavidMacDougall3537d ago

I played the game for no more than hours at a time and it was boring as sh!t! I never finished it cause you could never ****ing assassinate someone!!!

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jay23537d ago

I hope they improve the background, I'd love the rest of that on the final case, but the BG looka so boring.

Mikelarry3537d ago

that person did a good job

Bengoshi-San3537d ago

I don't like that cover at all, way too plain and boring. I'd rather have a more Renaissance looking cover.

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The story is too old to be commented.