ACG Review: The Lost City Of Malathedra

ACG writes:

"The puzzles in The Lost City of Malathedra are quite hard to figure out, and yet solving them is quite addicting. Some puzzles are clearly inspired by those in classic LucasArts games, while other puzzles are completely original. As expected, your progress in the game is entirely dependent on your ability to solve these puzzles. Getting stuck on the simplest puzzles will mean getting stuck in the game very early on. An example of this is a puzzle in the prologue whereby you will need to interact with a set of crystals to open a door that leads to Malathedra. I do not want to spoil this puzzle for you; suffice to say that your adventure will be off to a rocky start (and a quick end) if you are not fast enough and not smart enough to recognize the hints needed to solve the puzzle.

In the end, The Lost City of Malathedra is a decent indie game that will offer a few hours of fun, particularly for fans of old classic adventure games. Even though the gameplay may look strangely familiar, especially if you have played Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, there is enough new twists in The Lost City of Malathedra to make this budget game title worthy of a play."

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