Street Fighter IV Announcement Set for April 17

Capcom updated the official Street Fighter IV blog today with notice of an upcoming announcement for the game. April 17 will see the announcement of the time period for something related to the game. Yes, this is an announcement about an announcement, but it appears to be either related to the PC version of the game or an upcoming update.

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Kain813540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

to unlock something, that is already on the Disk.
And the Key-code will cost you 5$

Defectiv3_Detectiv33539d ago

They don't realize that its the exact same street fighter we've been playing for almost 20yrs now! Cmon guys, Who's [email protected] do I gotta suck to get 1 new move w/ Ken and Ryu?

Drekken3539d ago

Tony, I agree. I would of waited to buy it bargain style if I had known they didnt add any moves......

Its a great fighter, but $60? Nope. Not worth it.

Sitdown3539d ago

good because it delivered the same/similiar gameplay that we have enjoyed for years...while now giving us the ability to fight it out online.........yeah, you should probably consider that not everybody was wanting a drastic change, but an updated game for the new generation. Ohhh...and we know how all the other fighers add tons of moves with each version....and lets continue to look over focus attacks, super moves, and other elements that switch up the gameplay. Now that I think about it, perhaps you need to realize that while moves ken might now have "new moves", that things were added to switch up gameplay and add a new layer....I bet you can not play the same way you did 20 years ago, with somebody who has all the new elements of SFIV in their tool box.

Panthers3539d ago

You can fight online if you get SSF2THD on the PSN/XBL They shouldnt have called it SF4 if its the exact same. Should just be a SF2 remake.

tatical3539d ago

At least that's what the designers wanted to make. But upper management said 'no, we want SF4'. The designers said OK, but went ahead and made the game they wanted to make anyway.

SF4 is SSF2T2 at heart.

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The Meerkat3540d ago

...Ryu likes Fish sticks in his mouth.

FamilyGuy3539d ago

Ryu sucks fish "sticks"?
I wonder if him and Kanye hang out...

Darkiewonder3539d ago

They'll actually be putting all the DLC in one package for a cheap price [a dollar less than the sum of each dlc]

DragonWarrior_43539d ago

Sure its the same game weve been playing for years, but at least Capcom is making these classics, adding content and putting them in HD. Thats pretty much all I want. More of the same, but better, and in high resolution. I wish Sega would see how much this franchise is making off of this classic and do a remake or sequel to Skies of Arcadia. Same goes for Squeenix, I wish after they make FF13, that they go back and do remakes of FF7 and X, add content with high resolutions, or better yet make TRUE sequels to both games. And no, FFX-2 was not a true sequel. That game was a slap to the face.

Reibooi3539d ago

There should never have been a sequel to Final Fantasy X. The games story line pretty much ended and didn't need to go any farther. That's the main reason that X-2 turned out like it did. However that said the 2nd half of X-2 was very good and most people never even got that far before they gave up. The first half is stupid charlies angles type crap while the 2nd half actually gets very interesting as you learn alot more about who Shuyin and Lenne are.

But anyway I digress back on topic. I hope they are gonna release some new characters for Street Fighter IV there should have been more from the start. I hope Karin is added and maybe Ibuki.

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