Red Faction: Guerilla demo now available for Xbox 360, PS3

THQ has posted codes for the 360 and PS3 version of the Red Faction: Guerrilla demo.


Update: It now appears the codes have been region locked to Europe, which was apparently the way it was supposed to be originally; however, there have been several reports of 360 and PS3 users outside of the region receiving codes.

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enigmaticheretic3540d ago

I got mine but haven't played it yet hope its good

TrevorPhillips3540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

im registering now, i can get the code easly

cupogoodness3540d ago

Just got it, gonna go play it.

MmaFanQc3539d ago

its available on the psn since last week

GameGambits3539d ago

I'm glad this got posted. This game has been getting my curiosity lately and this saves me a trip to gamestop to pre-order for a demo code.

I'm too lazy to make a EUXbox account so I'm just going to try the PS3 version. I love having 4 different PSN accounts that span the world so I can DL whatever lol. :D

y0haN3539d ago

You have to register but you can just use the code and delete the account once it's made ^^

y0haN3539d ago

Wow you guys the physics are awesome, once you get in the walker it's hilarious how nothing gets in your way, drive straight through the most complex of buildings and they just crumble in your wake. Brilliant fun.

DaTruth3539d ago

I loved the first game, but never played the second game. The demo for the first one made my friend buy it. I'll buy it but I hope it doesn't turn out like Mercenaries.

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Sangria3540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

The game is really low technically, but just like Mercenaries 2, it's pretty fun and you can destroy almost everything and the map seems really huge. A perfect way to evacuate the stress and channel destruction envies. It may be a buy for me :)

-MoOkS-3540d ago

Im not even interested in this game. They ruined one of my favourite childhood game series by making it third person :(

Bren863540d ago

3rd person? pfft **** that then. I ain't even gonna check it out.

y0haN3539d ago

You're missing out, it's great.

phosphor1123539d ago

This stuff is fun, and pretty challenging too. While it is a lot like Mercenaries in the destructibility sense (like some guy keeps saying), Mercs 1 and 2 have nothing on the physics of this game. EVERYTHING breaks as an individual component. It's not like, you shoot a wall and the whole wall breaks (like in Mercs). It's REALLY nice. I'm def gonna by it.

Xakep3540d ago

Got the PS3 code, hooray region free :D

Microsoft Xbox 3603540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

These codes aren't region free. You must use or create a Euro PSN account to redeem it.

Xakep3540d ago

I have one, and the system is region free which is what I meant by my statement.

Bazookajoe_833540d ago

I think what he meant was that you can play pal games on a ntsc machine and vice versa. This means that i can import my ps3 games from canada (i live in sweden) for 2/3 of the price, but i cant do it with my 360 games because they are region locked (with some few exceptions).

caffman3537d ago

I came back from the US last year with 8 xbox games. Most now are region free. Just check play-asia

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The story is too old to be commented.