Popmatters Review: Bit.Trip Beat

Popmatters writes:

"The game consists of bouncing pixels launched at you. Bounce enough pixels and you move up a layer of music. Missing pixels will result in your bar depleting and eventually being pulled down a layer. The bottom layer, 'Nether', is black & white and has almost no sound. The next layer has a basic beat and the pixels when bounced produce very simple notes. Move up to the topmost layer and the song again becomes more complex and the notes more rich when hit. The visuals reflect this as well by relying on distortion to increase the difficulty at the higher layer so that seeing the pixels becomes more difficult depending on where you are in the music.

The dots themselves will move differently depending on both color and the way that the level has introduced you to them. The first few waves will consist of a learning phase where most of the dots are very slow and the player is introduced to that particular level's mechanics. Once you progress far enough, though, the game ramps it up a notch and starts throwing them at you more quickly."

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