Why The PlayStation 3 Needs Gran Turismo 5 In 2009

Ben Dutka of PSX Extreme: "It likely won't happen, but I still cling to the reaction from Kazunori Yamauchi when he laughed at the idea of a 2010 launch for Gran Turismo 5. He even said it might release "sooner than everyone thinks," but that was late last year and recently...well, we've heard evidence to the contrary. But here's why the PS3 could really use GT5 as a massive holiday release."

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axeru7773540d ago

Everyone will be happy if Polyphony releases Gran Turismo 5 this year

- Ghost of Sparta -3540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

Polyphony Digital shouldn't have to focus on trying to get the game out the door if they're not ready yet. I remember reading somewhere that Gran Turismo 5 will ship with over 10,000 cars. What the hell? Couldn't believe it then, still can't believe it now. How about working harder on straightening out your online issues? I'd rather wait than to have the game released the way it was meant to be through patches.

vasilisk3540d ago

GT5 will be released this year sometime between 15/10-15/11. A least that's the talk from Sony in my country and they're quite certain of it. The release date is probably going to be announced at E3 but they're still waiting other companies to announce release dates and they're trying to figure out what's MS going to do with Forza, so they're holding the release date announcement back. Also the game is almost ready and there taking their time with it to ensure that it will be what everyone is waiting for.
Also GOW3 will definitely NOT be released this year, but around the same time that Killzone 2 was launched, meaning end February/beginning of March.

XLiveGamer3540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

10,000 Cars for WHAT? R I D I C U L O U S & U N N E C E S S A R Y !

Oh i get disagrees just for fun right?

Did anybody got offended?

I wonder what you will do with 10,000 Cars if you are a real Race Driver?

gaffyh3540d ago

For some reason I don't think there will be 10,000 cars, it's just too much. Only reason I can think of Sony doing that is for bragging rights i.e. Only possible on PS3 due to Blu-Ray

GWAVE3540d ago

Gamers will be very happy if Gran Turismo 5 launches this year....but does the PS3 NEED GT5? No way. PS3 has plenty of games this year.

Ahmay3540d ago

then buy it... for like 1 dollar each... but wow, there is so many things one can think of for dlc for racing games.

Montrealien3540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

I want GT5, very very badly however the longer they take to put it out, the better it needs to be, there is no reason why this game is taking so long to make.

And if you down play a logical claim like (Sony needs GT5 asap) It makes no sense. It is their biggest first party franchise. To think the PS3 does not need Sony`s biggest franchise is down right retarded.

XLiveGamer3540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

10,000... mmm d-_-b ?

What its going to be your 1st pick as soon the game start?

An unnecessary Dodge PT Cruiser?

Toyota Corolla?

a Hyundai Accent maybe?

Your mom's Caravan?

Can somebody explain me why we need 10,000 cars in this game?

Don't get offended by reality d4mn fanboys.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

If Microsoft had a killer line-up and Sony had nothing else. However, Sony has a killer line-up already even without God of War and Gran Turismo. FFXIII should suffice in Japan, and MAG should be big in the west. There's also Heavy Rain, EyePet, Uncharted 2, Ratchet and Clank Future 2, soon Infamous and we just got Killzone 2, hopefully we'll get Afrika as well. As for 3rd parties, we have Sigma 2, Quantum Theory, Katamari Damacy if I'm not forgetting something else. There will also be a port of Tales of Vesperia, and perhaps Mass Effect 1. All these don't include PSN games like Fat Princess, and who knows what will be announced at E3.

In the pipeline there's still WarDevil, The Agency, Eyedentify, the 3 Namco-Cellius games that recently resurfaced, the rumored Action-RPG-platformer-puzzle from Insomniac, the rumored stylish 3rd person action hack and slash from who knows @ SCEI, the two Team ICO games, the supposedly exclusive game (or games?) from rockstar, Yakuza 3 (for the West), and the supposedly "Awesome" game that BBC reported teased about a long time ago.

Microsoft will have Halo: ODST for sure. What else? GTAIV Episode 2 DLC, and Alan Wake better come out this year for 360. Other than that, they have 2 rumored Rare games (let's hope they're not Viva Piñata related), perhaps Killer Instinct or Conker or Perfect Dark, but what else? E3 can't come soon enough for 360 fanboys. Mass Effect 2 is already confirmed for 2010 so that's out of the question. My bet is that they will announce timed-exclusivity for Bioshock 2, Tekken 6, Lost Planet 2 and Dead Rising 2 or at least some exclusive DLC for some of those. Microsoft needs more than exclusive DLC on GTAIV to compete though, because so far this year has been about Fallout DLC and GTA DLC, but the only full game was Halo Wars and while that's good, it wasn't as impactful as Halo 3.

My bet is that at the end of the year Microsoft will have something to counter some of what Sony has to offer, and that Sony will delay several games or will simply not announce their release dates, just to have something for next-year. Next-year already seems to be a great year too, lets hope FF Versus XIII comes out by then though I think 2011 sounds more realistic.

TheBand1t3540d ago

10,000 cars means that as you gain cash, you have more options in which cars you want. Hell, you have WAY more options for a starting car.

Options are a good thing.

Microsoft Xbox 3603540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

You don't have to own all 10,000 cars. They give you the choice to pick your cars through a wide variety of auto makers and not have a very limited selection like other games running on primitive DVD's.

FlameBaitGod3540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

Its not our fault u only get to choose from how many of forza 3? 400 only ? and that game is 2 disk from what i heard. I mean its not much right, GT5 only has 9,600 more cars 2 choose from.. BUT... i really dk if it will have that number, they said that but ill believe it when i see it tho :P

PS3Freak3539d ago

There obviously is not going to be 10,000 cars in the game. No sense in arguing over it.

aksmashh3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

If They Take Any Longer Its Going To Be More Of Anti Climax Then It Is

I Just Expecting GT5 Prologue With Slighty Better Graphics
(Obviously More Options)

& 10,000 Cars For What?
I Don't Want Drive Standard Ford Fiesta Or Standard Honda Civic, Its A Racing Game You Want Drive Super Charged Cars.If You Don't Rent A Cheap Car & Take It To A Supermarket Carpark You Sad ****

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Lucreto3540d ago

The PS3 doesn't need this title this year. I have 11 games I want this year and E3 is not here yet.

jammy_703540d ago

but i'll be nice.... we all no that :)

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