VGChartz: Ar Tonelico 2 Review

VGChartz writes: "Ar Tonelico 2 is a great game that is brought down to average by a few extremely poor qualities. The music is catchy, the gameplay is highly enjoyable and it has some of the best replay value in any JRPG I have played. However, the technical problems are also some of the worst I have ever seen, the faulty grammar is extremely annoying at times and the visual presentation is dated to the point that it looks like it could be from a previous generation of gaming. If the localization had been done well, and the visuals were updated, Ar Tonelico 2 could be a great JRPG. The storyline is there with a mix of humor and drama, and the battle system is interesting, but you'll have to wade through some pretty rough technical problems to make it through the entire game, which means I can only really recommend it to hardcore JRPG fans. Hopefully the next time an Ar Tonelico game gets localized to the states it will receive better treatment so that the game can become what it was always meant to be."

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