Microsoft's netbook claims FUD

Fudzilla: "Microsoft has been patting itself on the back claiming that its Windows operating system runs on more than 95 per cent of the netbook world.It appears that Microsoft was not being quite accurate. The claims were based on an NPD's sales survey. NPD focuses on retail sales in the US, not overall sales.

Chris Kenyon of Canonical, the business that stands behind Ubuntu pointed out that you don't tend to see Linux systems in the retail market. However when customers are offered choice on equally well-engineered computers around a third will select Ubuntu over XP.""

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morganfell3451d ago

Linux FTW....every time.

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GiantEnemyCrab3451d ago

Not when it comes to corporate email. I will take an Exchange server over putting together something similar in Linux any day of the week.

XxZxX3451d ago (Edited 3451d ago )

you know what is lotus domino/note? Lot of corporate use that too. market share on lotus notes vs exchange are pretty closed. In fact i know alot of multi-national corporate use lotus notes instead.

mindedone3451d ago

yea I work for verizon and we use lotus notes

CyberCam3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

It's obvious that all you know is M$ software!

I on the other hand have worked on M$ Exchange Sever, IBM Lotus Note/Domino Server & Zimbra Open Source Server and I would take a Zimbra (mail/calendar/contact server) over the other two, any day.

Here, open your mind and learn... there are other alternatives to expensive, problematic solutions!

morganfell3449d ago

Thanks for bringing those up CyberCam.

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Narutone663451d ago

and the beta version 9.04. They're quite stable and will run on the Dell Mini 9 out of the box without installing any driver. For all I know, all the netbook will run Ubuntu just fine without any hitch. If you're worried about running win apps, you could use WINE. The best thing about Linux is that it's free.

bob saget remix3450d ago

Microsoft really likes to give false info. Ubuntu is a lot better for netbooks. So much faster to run.