Navy man shoots friend while playing a war game

25-year-old Clinton Echols was taken into custody on Thursday under suspicion that he shot his friend, Luis Urbina, while playing a war video game.

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Kyur4ThePain3538d ago

Blame the Navy. Not the game.

PoSTedUP3538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

yea man, the ones to blame are the people who set the example, AMERICA. and him of course; being his decision to join the military. oh and you can blame satan also...

LiL T3538d ago

Yes because Canadians are driving arround with shotguns in thier trucks and walking the streets with handguns. Yes I am Canadian.

poopsack3538d ago

south park references not valid I guess. Just threw it in since we're blaming everyone.

LiL T3538d ago

Haha, sorry dude im tired. should of picked up on that one. guess you can disregard my reply then.


blame us gamers. its our fault. all of us should go to jail

blame everyone but the person who pulled the trigger.

Mikerra173538d ago

he wasnt playing the video game he was showing his friends who were playing the video game the gun? WTF is going On!!

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craig30003538d ago

So he works in the Navy with guns and weapons so they blame a game as influence eeerrr yeah nice one!

If a guy can get so stressed about a video game to get up and shoot his own friend then they are weak or something in the navy is affecting him

either way everybody blames video games

GrammarPolice3538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

You guys saying "blame the Navy" are equally stupid as those saying to blame the game. If he worked in a flower shop, would you say blame the roses? How about blaming the person himself?

The predisposition for our society to put the blame on something external is so tired. People should be accountable for themselves and their actions.

LastDance3538d ago

wanna join me in taking over the world?

you have your head screwed on and I have came to the conclusion that I need more than one person to do it!

Kyur4ThePain3538d ago

The blame the navy line wasn't mean to be 100% serious.
I just thought it a better candidate than gaming in this instance.


hes part of a gang.

he represents said "gang".

guilty by association.

media and penal system have always spread the blame in this manner.

where did you get confused?

Crimsonite3538d ago

Penal system..... LOL. I wanna help take over the world.

LastDance3538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

What should our name be

name3538d ago

If he worked at a flower shop and got arrested for planting flowers I would blame the flower shop. If he was in the navy being trained to shoot things, then yes, the navy would be something to blame if I had to blame someone other than him.

GrammarPolice3537d ago

Let me illustrate how flawed your logic is:

Not all people who shoot people are in the Navy, Army, or the military in general. In fact, some people shoot other people and their careers have nothing to do with firearms. What can you blame then? Hmmm... Maybe you can find out if, say, these people played a lot of video games with shooting in them. Especially FPS games... Some of these games are even used by the military for combat tactics. Hey, it's almost as if they are training you how to aim and shoot a gun in these games! So maybe we should blame the video games!!!

See what I mean? Now we're back where we started. Blame the person... Blame them for not having the self control or discipline to respect human life or handle their issues in a constructive manner.

ChozenWoan3537d ago

Your not allowed to take over the world, unless in the untimely event that I pass away while taking over the world... or some time after I have taken over the world and have gotten too old and senile to care about it anymore. Then and only then you can step up and avenge me/challenge me, but until such a time your to sit on the bench and wait your turn.

In the mean time I need to find as many weak minded people who are easily influenced by video games. They will become the foot solders of my massive army of RCGs (Remote Controlled Gears) and we will... opps I said too much. Move along now and don't say a word, I still need you to bring our troops water and fresh towels.

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San Frandisco3538d ago

Pinky and the brain?
Pinky is all set to go sir!

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