IGN: Podcast Beyond, Episode 86

Chris, Greg, Jeff, Ryan and Sam were once wandering a dark road, on their way home from a long night of booze, gambling and less-than-acceptable gaming. The five journalists, during their silent stumbling, came upon a single man in a suit, his furrowed brow hidden behind perfectly square sunglasses. The man waited as the team came closer before nodding curtly, holding out his hand. As the team gathered around the man's hand, a brilliant beam of light -- one that burned with an icy heat -- flew from his palm towards the sky, lighting the darkness and illuminating the dirt road in a glimmering, blue haze.

They say that this was the day Beyond was born.

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barom3534d ago

beyond is good but can't beat 1up yours (or ListenUp or whatever... 4 guys 1up?)