IGN: Guitar Hero Smash Hits Hands-On

Guitar Hero IV took a giant leap for Activision and brought one of the best-selling franchises from merely guitar twiddling to full band. But before Guitar Hero IV, there were several guitar-only offerings. In earlier versions, gamers couldn't sing or play drums along with their favorite songs. Someone very smart at Activision realized that enabling such actions would be a good idea. And so was born Guitar Hero Smash Hits, which takes tracks from the first three numbered Guitar Hero games and Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s and updates them for full band play.

Those who pick up a copy of Smash Hits this June won't get any revolutionary new gameplay additions. Everything here comes from either Guitar Hero IV or the newly released Guitar Hero: Metallica. That means a full-fledged character creation system, single-player and band career modes, online eight-player Battle of the Bands, Expert+ difficulty and the Music Studio are all included.

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George Sears3534d ago

Can't they just release the whole entire song list on PSN/Xbox Live?