GamesRadar: Section 8 updated impressions

TimeGate Studios, the developers who soothed many an itchy trigger finger by releasing several Alma-haunting expansions between the release of F.E. A.R. and its recent sequel Project Origin, are setting their FPS sites on their most ambitious project to date. On the surface, Section 8 resembles little more than yet another sci-fi shooter looking to ride Master Chief's Spartan coattails, but beneath the beefy, shiny-armored heroes carrying big guns, the South Peak published title shows its true game-changing colors. Much more than just the latest save-the-planet frag fest, Section 8 is looking to fix some of the genre's most notorious fun-halting flaws.

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GiantEnemyCrab3536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

Unless you are bringing your AAA game to the FPS genre why bother?

Remember where the bar sits and if you can't meet or beat it do not charge me $60 for an FPS when I can buy an FPS the calibre of Killzone 2 or CoD:MW for the same price.

The visuals on this game look like a cheap Halo as if Halo is anywhere close to the bar these days..

PS: This has not been announced for PS3, it is 360/PC only unless something has changed.