The 5 Issues The Pokemon Universe Doesn't Address

Ourumov's Briefcase writes:

"Despite the fact Pokémon games are aimed at small children the average age of a Pokémon fan is probably 22. Many of us grew up with Pokémon but now we find ourselves in a world that has not grown up with us. For now that we are older and more mature we start to ask questions about the world we love, about why it does not reflect the one we live in. So I have sought to ask the forbidden questions and traverse the taboo issues. But I don't have an attention span so I just wrote a list instead. Everybody likes lists"

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ThatCanadianGuy3538d ago

This was a hilarious read.He raises some very valid points tho..

Microsoft Xbox 3603538d ago

"If I had $10,000 to spare I would totally buy the shell of a Blastoise and convert it into a hot-tub. Pimping indeed."