Fishing Cactus Releases Equilibrio in App Store, $3.99

After a successful debut on WiiWare earlier this week, the Fishing Cactus-developed Equilibrio ($3.99) premiered today in the iTunes App Store. You may recall Equilibrio as the subject of a long-running series of Developer Diaries here at FingerGaming. It's great to see the title's final release after nearly a year's worth of development time - congratulations, guys!

Equilibrio is a tilt-based action game in which the object is to guide a marble through a series of traps and challenges. Unlike the iPhone's many Labyrinth-styled marble-rolling games, though, Equilibrio is more platformer than puzzler. You'll need to build momentum to cross gaps and clear long stretches of deadly spikes. Go too fast, however, and your marble may shatter when it lands on the other side.

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