What I Hate About Video Game Reviews

GamesAreEvil writes, "When I was a kid, the scoring system was obvious. 1 was terrible and 10 was totally tits, the bee's knees, the cat's proverbial pajamas. In true "Spinal Tap" tradition a game could even go to 11. I grew into my teens and discovered that the 10 point numbering system could easily be applied to fingers. Like "I'd cut off 10 fingers for 1 hour with Claudia Lynx and a gallon of lube," or "I would clip all 10 of my finger nails to take a number 3 in Julia Robert's mouth." I moved into my early 20's and started looking at the numbering system as percentages. If a game got a 3, it meant 30% of all people who play games might like it. Now I have no idea what the numbering system is for..."

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CrAppleton3532d ago

Jimmy sounds like he was beaten as a child.. and taught to hate everything.. lol

Sexius Maximus3532d ago

I hate the FANBOYS who always have to complain about them simply because they dont agree.

MacGyver133532d ago

what do you like about video game reviews jimmay?

Neco5123532d ago

I dont' think he likes anything about them

bgrundman3532d ago

He actually likes them, but this is definitely a valid point.

CrAppleton3532d ago

I think most gaming sites are TOO lenient with their scores.. I've seen many games get a 9 or 10 that really don't deserve it

Neco5123532d ago

very much so, it's becoming quite the problem

supercharger51503532d ago

This is true. I think sometimes it's tough being a reviewer. You want to be honest but you also want to get more work from the dev company or publishers, so what do you do?...

MacGyver133532d ago

i dont mean to brag, but i am the equivalent of a video game rating 11

Gambit073532d ago

What I hate about articles writing about what they hate about video game reviews...

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The story is too old to be commented.