Assassin's Creed 2 Surprise Coming Tomorrow

Assassin's Creed fans looking for a little more information on the sequel may not have to wait long. Ubisoft promises they've got something special to reveal tomorrow.

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Straight Life3241d ago

They will use their brain and would finally make a tru next gen open world game by going PS3 exclusive to use a 50gig bluray disk.

EvilCackle3241d ago

The company that made the Grey's Anatomy game is probably not the type to pass up on easy sales by limiting platforms.

360 man3241d ago

yh but the ps3s gpu wont be powerful enough to handle all that data on screen.

see i can do fanboy comments too

EvilCackle3241d ago

Now we just need a PC fanboy to round out the cast.

pwnsause3241d ago

"see i can do fanboy comments too"

apparently, you failed though.

EvilCackle3241d ago

Yep. Fanboy comments only succeed if they result in twenty or more replies, each more stupid than the next.

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