FLOCK! Lands on PSN Today

John Diamonon // Capcom writes: "OK, I would like you all to stop with the FLOCK innuendos. I mean, we're adults here, most of us anyway. Flockin' stop that sheep now! I'm telling ya, it's getting real old.

This wouldn't be a John D blog without a crazy contest now would it? Post #1000 gets a FLOCK code, play set and Mega Man 9 press kit. Only continental US and Puerto Rico will be eligible for the play set and press kit. Please type complete sentences and no consecutive posting. You can post more than once just not consecutively. PM me if you're the winner.

Also, check here at the end of the month for an awesome announcement!"

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meepmoopmeep3537d ago

Be the 1000th comment to win a prize

they've been doing this for a while now

irish-leprecaun3537d ago

looks fun but i doubt ever1 will flock to buy it!!.......................... (tumbleweed)

GrandTheftZamboni3537d ago

I'll buy it for music and sheep onomatopoeia.