Batman: Arkham Asylum Collector's Edition Announced

Eidos and Warner Bros. are teaming up to create a collector's edition for the upcoming Batman: Arkham Asylum PS3 and Xbox 360 videogame. The collector's edition will include a 14" Batarang (complete with stand) that matches the in-game design, an "Arkham Doctor's Journal" with 48 pages of notes on Arkham's inmates that comes in a leather dust jacket, and a Behind-the-scenes DVD-along with the game of course.

The map will also come with a code for a special downloadable challenge map, entitled "Crime Alley." We're not sure if the doctor's journal will actually contain helpful information for dealing with in-game characters, but considering the style of the game's art, it should be pretty cool either play-plus we can add information on all of our crazy co-workers to it as well!

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Freakwave0033535d ago

Rofl, I was thinking of the Batarang and they're actually putting it in.