Wipeout-inspired Game Coming to iPhone? | The Portable Gamer

TPG says, Handmark sent us some cool new screenshots of an upcoming game developed by Pizzazz and to be published by Handmark. No name, price or release date as of yet, but nice screenies!

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Neco5123540d ago

Sweet! I love wipEout! Can't wait to see what comes from this

CrAppleton3540d ago

Agreed! I love wipEout as well!

bgrundman3540d ago

Wipeout style games on the iPhone would be a match made in heaven.

CrAppleton3540d ago

Even if it's a rip off.. should be neat! I've played many a wipeout ripoff.. all of them have been somewhat decent

bgrundman3540d ago

Copywrite infringement anyone?

irish-leprecaun3540d ago

i can really see this hapening!! but it wont come close to ps3, psp or ps2 wipEouts.

killyourfm3540d ago

Jeebus, that looks rather gorgeous. GTS World Racing was mediocre - this looks infinitely better. Any word on control scheme?

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