Peter Moore: "You simply can't port down to the Wii."

In a recent address made at the MI6 conference, Peter Moore, president of EA Sports, talked about how making games on the Wii must be a ground up experience.

Peter Moore states, "You simply can't take what you're doing on the Ps3 and Xbox and port - thats a dirty word- down to the Wii."

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Th3 Chr0nic3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

wow it must have taken an entire team of guys with degrees in some really complicated things to figure that out.

you would think it would be obvious but i guess there are always idiots out there that ask "why cant we have resident evil 5 on the wii"

of course i got banned from the gamerzone for pointing that out and trying to add a comical spin to it:

Gamer Zone
You can't comment in the Gamer Zone
18 - RE5 on the wii would be such a joke. its too beautifull for the wii and porting it would be like a travesty to video games. Kinda like if you gave the golden fleece to a hobo just so he could stay warm.
Restriction time left: 2 days 9 hours 34 min

so thats a lesson to everyone at N4G, sarcasm, humor, nor poking fun at the Wii are allowed at N4G

hatchimatchi3535d ago

you got banned for that?

Some people take this whole console war way too seriously

Gue13535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

WTF? I am in the same boat as hatchimatchi... you got banned for that?

There was one time when I was arguing with someone over MGS4 when it came out because he was insulting the game saying that it was crap and this and that but not in a justifiable way. I know that nobody's the same and maybe he didn't liked the game in the same way as I but it was obvious that he didn't have the game and did not even have a PS3 either... He was simply trolling so that I called him a bot and just because of that I got banned and the other guy did not.

Then I argued with the mods over the ban too and I said to them to look at his "history of comments" and the way he was just talking crap of MGS4 and then the mods responded this to me:

"That's his opinion, we can't ban someone just because he has a different opinion than you..."

-And I was like, are you freaking kidding me?

And then I come here and see your story and I am like... WTF? Because the guy I am talking about made an even more offensive comment against MGS4 than the comment of "Th3 Chr0nic" about porting Resident Evil 5 to Wii but he did not got banned...

Double standards much? The mod that banned you was probably a Wii fanboy or something...

avantgarde843535d ago

I thought this was a given.

EA has been showing promise lately in their Wii support.

hatchimatchi3535d ago

So that explains it!!

I always wondered why they never brought super mario world to the atari 2600...

Ha, i think everyone already knew this.

avantgarde843535d ago

i would hope so but some companies just dont truly get it.

Dead Rising comes to mind

solidjun53535d ago

Oh boy, true about that. That's why I have high hopes for Dead Space. Loved the game when it was released (hence why I complained that RE5 should've had the same controls but whatever, what's done is done). So when the new one comes out, I can't wait to play it. New storyline, different controls and while I'm not the biggest fan of rail games, there's usually one that I consider a gem. Here's hoping this is. ^_^

avantgarde843535d ago

i hear you. Im excited about Dead Space, i loved the original and want to knwo more about the story.

ChickeyCantor3534d ago

Yeah its obvious he is more talking concept wise.

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Microsoft Xbox 3603535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

Don't be afraid to say it P.Moore, it's called downgrading.

avantgarde843535d ago

how is it downgrading when the first ea tennis game ever and tiger woods are wii lead skus?

Wii has its potentail just like the other 2 consoles. Its using that potential in correct ways which i feel EA is starting to do.
Which is funny because im not usually the EA type of guy.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3535d ago

If the game has less characters, worse A.I., graphics, and physics then what the hell is that?

Product3535d ago

Did you play Tiger Woods last year? it wasn't a downgrade to play on the Wii, trust me.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3535d ago

So waggle suddenly made you forget everything else? It doesn't matter if for some Waggle made your personal experience better, every game should be at least on par (if not "better" due to the supposed "awesomeness" of the wiimote) with other console games, but we know that's never gonna happen unless Nintendo decides to release a console that thinks about gamers needs and not just their wallet. But again, that'll never happen.

nintendohomie3535d ago

Didnt you say this?
"I've never seen v1c1ous say anything productive, all he spouts is fanboy crap that belongs in the open Zone, let's take his bubbles away"

Please take your own advice.

y0haN3535d ago

Sure, it's downgrading visually and audibly but the gameplay mechanic is more what he means. You can't buy a Wii game and not have motion controls people will eat you alive.

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irish-leprecaun3535d ago

i got banned for using d word xbot in a non offensive way!! n4g not getn my pot of gold!!

Th3 Chr0nic3535d ago

"n4g not getn my pot of gold!! " roflmao OMG BUBBLES FOR YOU

Quadrix3535d ago

Well said. World a War, The Force Unleashed, and many other games on the Wii have been nothing but downgraded ports that do nothing to define themselves with the Wii's revolutionary technology.

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