Game-Debate: Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim preview

Imagine you're a king. A real king, not some bloated rock 'n' roll star with a penchant for burgers and dying on the lavatory. At first it might seem like a pretty sweet deal. You get to sit back on your throne and drink lots of mead and make light conversation with your queen. But then imagine that a host of hideous beasties suddenly invade your kingdom, intent on stomping everyone to bits. You scramble to build an army and tighten your defences, but no one wants to fight for you - not unless you pay them right. Meanwhile, half of your realm is ablaze and a 50-foot ogre has just appeared at your window.
Welcome to the world of Majesty....

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gidzilla3535d ago

Looks pretty interesting. I like the automatated AI of friendly troops.