Dungeon Raiders: First Screenshots

The Portable Gamer writes:

"Cyanide, creators of the upcoming Blood Bowl, just graced our inbox with some brand new screenshots for a DS game called Dungeon Raiders, as well as suspicious biographies for the cast of characters."

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CrAppleton3451d ago

Looks like another winner! Can't wait to get some dungeon crawling out of my system

bgrundman3451d ago

Doesn't it kinda get old after a while?

Neco5123451d ago

yup, tired old gameplay

reluctant_gamer3451d ago

I think the humor in it would be refreshing... who doesn't like a good dose of potty humor? Or maybe I'm just weird...

CrAppleton3451d ago

Anyone else a pack rat? I personally like raiding everything I can!

Neco5123451d ago

not really, seems pretty boring to me

bgrundman3451d ago

It looks amazingly sharp... for a DS game that is...

killyourfm3451d ago

I'm not a fan of the seems really washed out. Plus, any 3D game on the DS is going to look a bit clunky. But I think (hope) the gameplay and humor will win out.