Brave Little Publisher Bringing Japanese Indie Games To The US

Kotaku writes: "Bless you and your big hearts, Rockin Android. The new company, based out of LA, exist for a sole purpose: to publish Japanese indie games on the PC in the United States.

It's a niche market they're catering to, sure, but also one that's sure to be appreciative of the effort. As of now there are plans to publish four games, all of them shooters, but if you kids buy those, there will be more."

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Xandet3537d ago (Edited 3537d ago )

FINALLY someone mans up to bring the little gems Japan develops to another country.. I can't stress how long I've wished someone would do this. Sure, Atlus and NIS are fantastic, but nobody wants to touch that other vast majority of games that anyone outside of Japan would otherwise have to import and hope they can understand past the language barrier. I'm no fan of those type of shooters either, but I'll probably end up purchasing one or two to support RA in the small way I can.

EDIT: Nevermind, I'll be buying Suguri regardless.. game looks like the s**t. The rest are iffy..