Air combat made fresh and fun - G&M reviews Tom Clancy's HAWX

Globe and Mail game columnist writes: "I loathe the paternal, world-policing politics commonly found in Tom Clancy stories, but I have to admit that the Ubisoft-made games bearing the paleoconservative novelist's name rarely disappoint. The Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six, and Splinter Cell franchises are among my favourite military-themed games. Even last fall's Tom Clancy's EndWar, though ultimately dissatisfying, was noteworthy for its bar-raising implementation of voice recognition technology.

In fact, the Clancy brand is the only reason I decided to invest myself in the new air combat game Tom Clancy's HAWX. Even so, I expected to play just a few missions, grow bored, and move on-I don't think I've managed to play any military flying game through to its conclusion since Top Gun for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Surprisingly, I found I didn't want to put down the controller. I played relentlessly for three days, and was sad when the credits eventually began to roll...."

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