New Muramasa: The Demon Blade screenshots

Some new screenshots from Murumasa: The Demon Blade. Check them below.

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hatchimatchi3507d ago

This game looks really good.

I wish sega would stop making awful 3d sonic games and just make a 2d game with a similar style to this, 3d style characters with gorgeous hand drawn backgrounds.

N4g_null3507d ago

Man it would be nice to see a new contra by the guys that understand what contra is about! This game shows there is some much that is unexplored with in 2d gaming. This game is doing things that I never though people would attempt in a 2d game! On top of that it looks really fun.

This is only possible on a system that is not held to unfair standards. A console should be able to support all forms of gaming, up top it's potential specs.