Pre-Order World of Warcraft: Arthas Novel Now writes: "Simon & Schuster's upcoming World of Warcraft novel is up for pre-order now at their official site. Author Christie Golden has penned the 320 page Arthas: Rise of the Lich King with great attention to detail and respect of the world created by Blizzard Entertainment. The book is due out in stores on April 21st.

Also, be sure to check our contest page for a chance to win a copy of the book starting tomorrow!"

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ThePoorman3535d ago

Even though the basic story is already known by us WoW fans, it will be interesting to see how the author fleshes the whole thing out. I have mine pre-ordered and can't wait to get my hands on it.

Reibooi3535d ago

First off who pre orders a book. Second off who pre orders a book based on WoW. *Looks up* Oh well i guess that is one sale they will get.

ThePoorman3535d ago

Well, considering there are millions of people playing World of Warcraft, lets just say ten percent want to buy the book. That's roughly a million people. I can't remember whether it is 10 or 12 million subs right now, but I digress. So that means that they must print at least that many copies otherwise you will not get it!

Also, book pre-orders are nothing new, look at that damn Harry Potter series.

Reibooi3535d ago

I highly HIGHLY doubt this book will sell anywhere close to a million. While WoW has alot of people the vast majority of them play simply because it's what their friends are playing or because they have nothing else to play not because it has some great story or something.

While I myself do not play WoW I have about 10 friends who do and every single one of them does not care about the story. When asked why most of them said simply "It sucks" now sure that is their opinions but thats a group of WoW fanboys and even they don't think the WoW "Story" is all that great.

ThePoorman3535d ago

I don't think you can call someone a fanboy if they believe the story of their entire game isn't all that great. Not saying they are not dedicated, but perhaps they are more dedicated to the social aspect?

Those of us who enjoy the story will, no doubt, buy this novel. This really comes down to a numbers game here. You believe that not even ten percent of the game population will buy this book. I believe that at least ten percent will (in some form or another).

Time will tell who is correct.