Who Really Gets the Most Play? Nielsen's Revised Chart Upends the Video Game Market

Fastcompany: Nielsen's most recent study of video gamer habits was widely reported and made for great headlines in the gaming press this week. Too bad some key information in the report was wrong. After a follow-up with Gavin McMillan of Nielsen, I learned that the most important graph from the study was mislabeled.

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ShabzS3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )


BeNice3534d ago

even upset them. So many people used it as an argument against the wii on other posts. But hey atleast nielsen cleared it up good job.

JeffGUNZ3534d ago

As long as everyone is gaming and having a good time doing it, who cares what system it is on.

JokesOnYou3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

the charts were updated because the labels were they have wii having slightly more usage in Jan, and then 360 having sligtly more usage in Feb, ps2 as usual easily beating all consoles, while ps3 is dead last place for next gen consoles.


avantgarde843534d ago

oh no the Wii and ps2 get played more than the hd consoles, sound the alarms.

ChozenWoan3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

They use such a small sampling of the population that their ratings are far from accurate. Hence the reason many of the best shows on TV are constantly shafted due to low Nielsen ratings.

"For national audience measurement, we provide data from a statistically selected sample of more than 9,000 households, containing over 18,000 people who have agreed to participate."

So 9000 STATISTICALLY SELECTED households out of Millions is used to generate their ratings. OK! Sounds unbiased and large scale enough to warrant unwavering credibility to me. Not to mention their superb quality control track record.

All I can say is, give me back all of the great TV shows that you helped axe Nielsen.

Link to Neilsen

hatchimatchi3534d ago

i couldn't care less about studies that show what systems are played the most.

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