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What The Left 4 Dead Box Art Almost Looked Like

Hardcore Christian Gamer writes: "Over at the Left 4 Dead Blog is a post talking about some of the different iterations of box art the company went through before finally settling on the iconic thumbless hand that now graces the covers of all our retail copies of the game." (Culture, Left 4 Dead, PC, Xbox 360)

JeffGUNZ  +   1965d ago
I am glad they went with what they have now. That looks a little cheesy.
zagibu  +   1965d ago
I actually kinda like the second and third one, though. They might not be as well suited as box art as the final image, because they don't stand out enough from other titles, but I wouldn't mind having them as poster.
solar  +   1965d ago
i love the Valve blogs. getting to see processes and what not behind the scenes interests me a lot.
Avenged Sevenfold  +   1965d ago
That's the ugliest boxart I've seen in a long time.
Cherchez La Ghost  +   1965d ago
It's kinda plain.
Covenant  +   1965d ago
Very generic.

The final art is clever, and almost iconic.

(Two thumbless hands for the inevitable sequel?)
Lygre  +   1965d ago
I like the cover that they went for as well. I have a title for the sequel that they could use:

Left 4 Dead Again
Avenged Sevenfold  +   1965d ago
Two thumbless fingers.

"They 8 Our Brains..."

In-cognito  +   1965d ago
@ Covenant
The final art is not clever.
Its a bit of a rip off really.

Check this out.

Thant doesn't mean I don't like the cover though.
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edhe  +   1965d ago
L4D doesn't need a sequel. There's no story, no denoument, no plot.

It just needs more scenarios, maybe weapons, maybe characters. This will be done in a very Valve way.

I don't think there will be a sequel, only DLC.
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y0haN  +   1965d ago
Louis looks like Playboy X, lol.
CrimsonNinja  +   1965d ago
more like MOS DEF...
No Way  +   1965d ago
"and it had only taken one fan about three seconds to point out that if we used a four-fingered left hand instead of a right hand, we could get a nice pun, with all three words of the game's title presented visually."

Could someone kindly explain what that means.. o.O
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y0haN  +   1965d ago
LEFT (hand)
4 (fingers)
DEAD (the hand is dead)
pshizle  +   1965d ago
hey its
peeps  +   1965d ago
yep. the current box art is v good. and the whole sequel box art to have 2 hands... well the whole point is that the hand on the box is missing its thumb and has 4 fingers left (making up for 4 in left 4 dead obv)

i'm actually surprised they got away with the box art tbh lol i mean it is a hand thats got a missing thumb complete with exposed bone etc :p i guess thats why the colouring is all green to disguise nastiness

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