Death of Exclusives: Why It's a Good Thing

The Power Review: Everyone remembers the "good old days" of Dreamcast, PS1, and the SNES; and they also remember the reason why they owned all of the systems: Exclusives! 3rd party developers would have a favorite console of choice and would develop for that specific system for one reason or another, although they were not required to by any binding agreements. Those days are drawing to an end, and it's unfortunate. Or is it?

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Saigon3508d ago

yes, it is a good thing. But in this generation going multiplat on a big title seems to have its downfall...The one major example is GTA4...because final fantasy is pictured in the original article...I am assuming that he is unspecificly refering to this game...FF13 better live up to its hype or SE is done...and not because they choose not to go multiplat...its because how they are going most people actions speak louder than words...and in SEs case its Money that speaks louder...

UNCyrus3508d ago

yes, read the article.. you'll see that I referenced GTAIV as a great example of multiplatform jobs.

And then FF13 is referenced as well

tocrazed4you3508d ago

Exclusive are important as long as the DEVELOPER WORKS HARD ON IT like sony's first party and 2nd party. Also including MGS4,LBP, Resistance 2, GEOW, and Halo 3. SEe how good those games are and they are exclusive because the developer puts the time into it.

SeanScythe3508d ago

not really I can't imagine KZ2, uncharted, Heavenly sword, Heavy Rain, LBP having to be downgraded to run on the 360. The reasons the games look so good is because they are made for that system and pushing what it can do.

UNCyrus3508d ago

read the article... I said 3rd party devs... that are all 1st party games you listed

GameGambits3508d ago

If the systems were equal in capability it'd be fine. However that isn't the case. Sure you enjoyed games like GTA4 or people will enjoy FF13, Assassin's Creed, Fallout 3, etc, but simply think how much better those games could be in every category possible if they were only on PS3.

Graphics alone, better A.I programming, and just performance of the product have a higher peak on PS3 games.

Quantity over quality is not a win for gamers. More people can enjoy a game sure, but wouldn't you rather play a better product? We as consumers are willing to drop the money at some point for something we want, and just because people don't own a PS3 now doesn't mean they won't want one in the future. The library for PS3 exclusives that are epic products is growing, yet the 360's is small.

The 360 rides on multiplatform games and a smaller price. Really though we all know that a 20GB harddrive on a 360 is really a 6GB harddrive and at some point Microsoft will assume you'll spend the extra 100 bucks for a better harddrive. They know you'll pay the 50 a year for Xbox Live. They know you'll buy the accessories to charge controllers, have an extra controller, wireless headsets, etc. The 360 and PS3 are about the same price, so the only real thing you need to base a purchase choice on is the games available.

I own all 3 consoles, but if a fire happened in my place you can bet I'll take my PS3 over the other 2 any day.

Apocalypse Shadow3508d ago

is that you have two different communities.

the ps3 community has seen sony push boundaries with their games and system and expect more of a fan,i expect more for my money.but the 360 community only expect the standards they have been given and expect ALL gamers to be at that standard.even with games.

they have accepted hardware failures as they have been given an unheard of 3 year warranty that still has not fixed the problem.

accepted scratched discs,accepted p2p gaming,accepted lower resolutions,accepted lower player counts online,accepted the inferior hd-dvd until it went bust then ran to digital downloads.but not one next gen game or movie is offered for PURCHASE.

they also accepted dvd as good enough for next gen games.any person with intelligence would agree that having bluray over dvd has the potential for larger games,more content on disc instead of buying extra stuff as took them this long to be in n uproar over things capcom are doing with things like multiplayer purchases that should have been on disc.

because of all this acceptance,they freely accept third parties to just make games.sure,you can make a game limited to dvd.but what could the game have been like on bluray?or using all the spes from the cell processor?multiplatform only works when you get a game that pushes both third party games pushed the system and were better than ps2 third party games.but now 360 fans want ps3 fans to accept lower standards for ps3 games.

that is gaming's biggest problem.even wii gamers accept all the shovelware from nintendo instead of getting something more than minigames.

it's a sad state of affairs for gamers as a whole this has even spread over to ps3 with this nonsense that 360 fans were willing to accept before ps3 came out.namco also tried that bullsh!t on gamers and wanted gamers to buy online for tekken 5.f#ck that!should have been free.but this nonsense started on 360.i'll bet tekken6 will not be improved for ps3 but lessoned to support 360.

it is their fault things are happening this way.i'm just glad sony is willing to stick their neck out to make genre bending games that push the envelope.even if it doesn't sell in the millions DAY ONE.but over a long period of time.

apocalypse................... ....

no-spin3508d ago

Its true that 3rd party developers wont take full advantage of the PS3 with multi platforms because they want both version to look the same. Fortunately Sony is a power house of game studios that do push the PS3. I expect 3rd parties to support more the PS3 as the install base increases (Price drop should do the trick). I expect the next GTA to take advantage of Blu Ray + Cell.

Supernatural243508d ago

Ending the exclusives could be a good thing, but at least add a little something to the original.

I mean for franchises like Resistance and Uncharted, have a little something that is exlusives to PS3, that Xbox360 or other can't have.
Same goes for the 360 and their franchises like Gears of War..hum well that's it. Why is "Splinter Cell: Conviction" even exclusive in the first place?