Gamebosh Review: Pitfall: The Big Adventure

Pitfall was born on the Atari 2600 (ask your dad) and was a cross between Indiana Jones and an army obstacle course, with a little stickman named Pitfall Harry jumping over crocodiles and swinging on vines. This new game, the sixth in the occasional Pitfall series, offers the same thrills but with new Wii controls and modern graphics...Well, sort of.

In 1982, before Lara Croft raided tombs or Prince of Persia cut any rugs, there was a game called Pitfall, and it was good. What could be simpler and more addictive than a man running through the jungle avoiding crocs, scorpions, monkeys and quicksand? The Big Adventure really bears little resemblance to its debut, and Bruce Campbell gave up voicing Pitfall Harry after just the one performance (in Pitfall 3-D: Beyond The Jungle), but arguably these are both good things.

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