TVG Hands-on Preview With Bionic Commando

TVG writes:

"Following Capcom's hugely successful attempt at bringing Street Fighter back from the dead, Bionic Commando represents another stab at digging through the archives for inspiration. After only a few minutes with Bionic Commando it's easy to see why Capcom has been holding back on the 'true' sequel to its 21 year-old NES classic (itself a sequel of sorts to the earlier Commando), which was originally due to appear alongside the XBLA/PSN remake of the original, as the swinging mechanic is a tricky beast to harness.

The sequel takes place several years after the events of the NES original (and XBLA/PSN remake), with players taking control of Nathan 'Rad' Spencer. Despite Bionic Commandos like Spencer helping to combat the Imperialists, public discomfort led to a 'Bionic Purge' in the years between and so Bionic Commando begins with Nathan without his bionic arm and rotting on death row - kind of like a down-on-his-luck Superman without his cape. A sudden and mysterious strike on Ascension City, however, changes things in an instant, and so Spencer finds himself drawn back into action."

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