Conficker begins stealthy update

The Conficker worm has started to update infected machines with a mystery package of data.

Computer security firms watching the malicious program noticed that it sprang into life late on 8 April.The activity on its update system delivered encrypted software to compromised machines. It is not yet clear what the payload contains.
The Conficker virus variants are thought to be present on millions of PCs around the world.

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Lotard33335d ago

Uhoh. Lol at the pic though.

solideagle13335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

Windows XP:

Windows Vista:

this is i found week ago i hope it helps u guys.


Edit: Yes it was released on april 1st but ppl think Link is broken or something.

- Ghost of Sparta -3335d ago

Wasn't this thing supposed to go live on April 1st?

CrippleH3335d ago

Hackers probably want an unexpected threat.

LorD3335d ago

hey guys, I keep on hearing about this COnfiker software, apparently everyone is running it. Can you guys tell me where i can download it so I can check it out?

k thx bye


f7897903335d ago

If your looking for it I'm sure a google search and clicking on every link will get you something.

dirthurts3335d ago

I'm not worried. I think they're just watching your porn. :P