What Were Big Huge Games Working On (And Have They Found A Buyer)?

Kotaku Writes:

Big Huge Games used to be THQ's baby. Now they're on the chopping block. What got them to that stage? Maybe it was these two games, recently canned, that the company were working on.

One was for the Wii, and was called God: The Game. Taking elements of Zelda, The Settlers and...Animal Crossing, it looked pretty cute, even if some of the art below looks a little too Zelda and a little too Animal Crossing.

The other looked more ambitious. Called Ascendant, it was intended to be an epic fantasy RPG title for the PC, 360 & PS3. It appears Ascendant was a little further along than God: The Game, since it has screenshots and even a rough, rough cut of a trailer (which you can see below), but like the Wii title, it looks to be clutching its visual inspiration - in this case Fable - a little too close to the chest.

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BlackIceJoe3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

Both games I think look really neat and I really hope Big Huge Games does find a buyer of the company because I would love to play both of these games.

Also screenshots and the trailer for Ascendant look pretty cool.