The Mistakes of the Past

Armando Marini @ Gamasutra: "Quick, what do you think will happen if someone jumps from a 20 storey building? Did you say that this person would splatter all over the pavement? That is definitely the most probable outcome.

If the game industry were a person to whom I could pose this question, the answer would be different. The industry answer would be something along the lines of "Let him jump, and then I'll let you know. You see, there was this Russian stewardess who fell out of an airplane and survived so there is a distinct possibility that this guy could survive. I'll wait."

The industry seemingly has a reluctance to accept past experience in making decisions regarding the future opting instead to react to, and sometime even uphold, the potential of success in the face of improbability. Oh, sure, it has the ability to look back as far as the stone age of the past console generation, but further than that is far too archaic to be of any use."

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