New Resident Evil 5 Trailer Features the Muppets

GamesAreEvil writes, "When I think of matches made in heaven, I don't exactly imagine fuzzy Muppet characters fitting into the Resident Evil universe. That said, through the glorious power of the internet, these worlds have been melded into one of the most amusing pieces of satire that I have seen in quite some time. Just imagine Ernie busting down a door, shotgun at the ready, looking to save his buddy Burt and kick some ass at the same time.

As off the wall as it sounds, this is a very amusing look into creative uses for game assets. There are even voiceovers that have been pulled from the game, that are put to good use telling the amusing, albeit brief, story synopsis. Be sure of one thing before you watch this trailer, make sure the kids are in the other room. I can only imagine this ruining the childhood of the impressionable masses across the globe.

Check out the full trailer here..."

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CrAppleton3510d ago

LOL that's freekin awesome!

bgrundman3510d ago

I knew that Burt and Ernie where close, but who knew Ernie was willing to kill someone to save him?

CrAppleton3510d ago

Well.. he doesn't get to save him.. lol... he's a failure

Neco5123510d ago

THAT'S GREAT! OMG wow! Good stuff

supercharger51503510d ago

These are like the payless Burt and Ernie... similar but not quite.

Neco5123510d ago

Like the "Made in Mexico" versions! HA

bgrundman3510d ago

It is close enough to get the point across that it is a shameless ripoff.

Neco5123510d ago

Yes, just like the "Hecho en Mexico" version

reluctant_gamer3510d ago

Perfect... Muppets with guns... the way it should be. None of this love and share crap.

CrAppleton3510d ago

What's the word of the day B!tch!? Say it now or you lose your head!

bgrundman3509d ago

I could not agree more. This is a great piece.

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