'Colossus' writer: Give video games a chance

The announcement of a Shadow of the Colossus movie has outraged and/or disgusted nearly everyone in the gamer community so far because of the SACRILEGE! However, the film's writer, Justin Marks, wants you all to give videogame movies a chance, and seems to truly believe that Colossus & The Hendersons (working title) could be a hot project.

"I think many of the games haven't worked as movies because it's hard to find the right game. There are very few that lend themselves to movies," declares Marks. "If we started thinking that anything that worked in one medium shouldn't be adapted for another we wouldn't have a lot of the great movies we've had, because so many of them came from novels."

"With a lot of games there are so many elements in the universe you spend your time tearing down and tearing down. What's nice about this game is that it's so sparse so you can start building right away."

"With a lot of games you're caught trying to please the fans and the mainstream audience," he adds. "What's so nice about this game is that it's all seen through such an adult lens, so that what pleases the fans also pleases a wider audience."

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Highatus3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

Colossus & The Hendersons (working title) ?

For Serious?

*Ninja Edit* I have little faith in a game turned movie, nothing will sway that until there is one that actually follows the games plot lines not what some director/writer believes should be there.

gaffyh3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

This can't be true, Colossus and the Hendersons? It's not damn bigfoot.

It has to be EXACTLY like Shadow of the Colossus, or it fails badly. Then they can make Ico move if they like.

himdeel3534d ago

...and the idea of them making this into a movie sickens me. Just from my experience with SOTC and Ico the expectations I'd have for a movie involving either title just couldn't be met, they are that high.

Highatus3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

Same here Himdeel.

I don't think the writer knows what this experience holds for some people and i highly doubt he'll be able to evoke the same feelings with this. No one really has except maybe with Silent Hill.

sonarus3534d ago

Shadow of the collosus has virtually no plot just gameplay. I imagine this will be made into a childrens movie like bridge to terebithia or whatver that crap was called. Or race to witch mountain.

There story like for the game like they said is very empty so its easy to fill in the bits but then it can never be truly representative of shadow of the collosus. Holding your sword in the air to guide you where to go, tapping X to make your horse ride faster, Being chased by a collosus while riding your horse and you have to turn around while riding the horse and shoot an arrow into its eyes. Having to jump of your horse and latch onto a collosus.

The only way a movie can work is if its nothing like the game because a movie simply cannot capture such moments the same way the game did

gaffyh3534d ago

Phantom disagreer likes the title "Colossus & the Hendersons" it seems

Cenobia3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

But that's the problem. If it's exactly like the game, it's going to be a terrible movie. No real interaction with other characters, and just massive fights. I honestly don't believe a movie can pull off those battles without being totally lame, or at least it won't give the experience that the game offers.

And if they change anything everyone that loves the game is going to feel betrayed. The back story is left open on purpose so the player can fill in the blanks with their own imagination (to a degree anyway, we know the general back story). Shoving a story (that is written by a hack writer and not the original visionary) down our throats totally ruins the experience that the game gives people. Not only are they going to produce a bad movie, but I think they are going to ruin the GAME as well.

Anyone that plays the game after the movie comes out will totally miss out on the full experience of the game.

Also, I'd love to see them try to wedge the original ending in there. That won't make any sense unless you've played both of Ueda's games.

ReservoirDog3163533d ago

The working titles of movies are usually weird.

So just cause that's the working title doesn't mean that's what it's gonna be called in the end.

Also, does anyone know if the makers of the game are in anyway connected to the movie?

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PrimordialSoupBase3534d ago

I can guarantee this guy said the exact same thing when he was commissioned to pen that Street Fighter turd.

kingme713534d ago

If it is Colossus and the Hendersons, it is doomed. Even if that is the working title.

I can just picture Chevy Chase driving his station wagon to Wally World and bumping into a 10 story Bigfoot that he must scale all the while spouting, "This is Crazy, this is crazy, this is crazy"

clevernickname3534d ago

With perhaps one or two exceptions, movies that get their source material from a video game have all been abysmal failures.

The upcoming Prince of Persia movie looks like it could be the one movie that breaks the video game movie curse, but I won't hold my breath.

batman2million3534d ago

"What's so nice about this game is that it's all seen through such an adult lens, "

adult lens?! who the hell says that?!

"an emotional and experiential level, "?????

have you ever heard any good writer talk like that?

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