Bashiok Explains Diablo 3 Skill Tree Design

Recently fans reignited a new controversy when Blizzcast 8 revealed the new overhauled Diablo 3 skill tree. Fans complained it resembled the design of World of Warcraft's talent trees.

Bashiok, the Diablo 3 Community Manager, defended the concept, and abounded on the subject with various points and purposes for the new Diablo 3 skill tree.

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Leord3541d ago

I like the new design more actually. The old one was kinda cool, but the new is more clear.

Cogo3541d ago

Yeah. It's definitely an improvement.

Maticus3541d ago

If something works well in one game, why change it for another? I'm sure it's not identical.

Leord3541d ago

Yeah, clearly inspired by WoW, which makes Diii emos pee their pants.

Still, the WoW design came out of the D2 design, so there!

Cogo3541d ago

I still have tears left in my eyes from the "art controversy" back in June...

SCFreelancer3541d ago

Even though some people are far to sensitive in this area I do agree to a certain degree. It is good to keep an eye at the differentiation of both games, especially now both are being developed on the same location.

WoW is good in its own right and so it the Diablo series. Part of what makes them good, their identity and feeling, should in my opinion, be maintained.

Elly3541d ago

They're not talent trees and they're not based on the WoW talent trees either. Did any of these people play Diablo 2?

Leord3541d ago

Yeah, it's amazing how people get upset over stupid details....

Altered_Soul3541d ago

That's what I keep thinking man. During the "art controversy", I seriously wondered how many complainers realized that all the campaigns in Diablo II took place during the day (for the most part). And there was a lot of color and saturation, plus things like the mythical "humor", and "charm".

I can't wait for D3, but I will always hold my judgment until I actually play it.

moondragon3541d ago

I Agree with Leord, the new skill tree is better.

DeepThought3541d ago

They're just trying to appease the D2 players who like big items and without putting the grid inventories back. I agree that the grid inventory is pointless. This could be interesting, seems a little superfluous though.

Cogo3541d ago

You're missing "inventory tetris"? lol

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The story is too old to be commented.