Reserve Bad Company 2 at GameStop, Get the UMP Machine Gun

Gamers who pre-order Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will receive a code for the GameStop-Exclusive UMP machine gun for multiplayer.

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CoxMulder3484d ago

My favorite and most used weapon in the first game is now a Gamestop pre-order exclusive weapon?!

Good job EA/Dice, good f#%$ing job..

How are us non-americans supposed to get this weapon?

Seriously considering this:

No UMP = No Buy

No matter where I buy this game, €60+ should buy me the full product/experience. This sh!t needs to stop!!

ALL_STAR_283484d ago

Yeah the Ump was my favorite gun as well .... but this just provides instant access and you will still be able to unlock the gun by ranking etc...

Socomer 19793484d ago

They are acting like they are doing you the favor.
I wonder where they get this type of business model from.
any clues?

GameGambits3484d ago

There would have to be a serious upgrade to this gun in the second one so that it became obsolete, and thus it being put as a pre-order item.

Capcom,Microsoft, and EA. Slowly ruining videogames with the only thing they can see being $ signs.

BFBC#1 wasn't that great anyway. It was about 1 week of play from me before I sold it. The SP campaign was a joke, and I'm not talking about the characters making jokes either, but it was just a terribly dull one. The MP was shallow and right out the door was plagued with people boosting to get up on the leaderboards.

All around BFBC2 would have to be a totally different game from BFBC#1 for me to care to even rent it this time around let alone purchase it. I feel bad for people who find enjoyment out of the first and looking forward to #2, because EA/DICE is trying to shaft you.

Synster3484d ago

What was so shallow about the originals Multiplayer, zlatko? Not to mention Battlefield has been one of the dominant forces in Multiplayer for quite some time. It had almost full destruction to Buildings so you can't Camp. Thank God. Vehicles, Well balanced at that. Demolition class wasn't overpowered so you couldn't spam the Rockets. The Grenade launcher just Sucked other than blowing open walls so there goes two complaints.

It had a class system, and whatever they do to improve on that, Which I can't see, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing, must be Better.
So tell me. What was wrong with the first one? Were you really expecting a Single player game out of a /Battlefield/ Game?