BeefJack - Press start to continue: FF13 - breakthrough or bust?

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Ever since 2006 Final Fantasy fans have been patiently awaiting every shred of news from Square Enix about their new masterpiece, Final Fantasy 13. Well, its 2009 now and we still hang on Square Enix's every word. only minor details are being released, but allot can be said already about the new Final Fantasy."

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GameGambits3534d ago

I won't lie to state that on paper the new battle system sounds great. However I'm still not sold on this game. First was the idea to downgrade its potential by making it multiplatform, then the microsoft cawck block on the demo going stateside.

I expect the next step in RPG evolution from final fantasy to final fantasy, and that stopped with 11. 12 was a joke, X-2 was a joke, and every other knock off substory was just raking in money on the established name.

FF13 is the last standalone Final Fantasy I'll give a chance to if reviews are solid. Otherwise I'll try to look at SquareEnix for other titles such as Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy VERSUS 13.

Heldrasil3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

As much as I appreciate this post, I have yet to see anyone point-out where exactly they are seeing/reading where SE said it would "downgrade its potential by making it multiplatform". It is my understanding that PS3 IS the lead platform (obviously) and that the 360 version would not even begin "development" until the PS3 version was released.

Can someone please point me in the direction of where SE themselves has stated that FFXIII will be downgraded due to it being multiplatform? Every time I search for this "fact", I find nothing but other people speculating on it.

Cyrus3653534d ago

To the above post, not to say your wrong, but i think that's the politically correct answer, whether it's the way they go about it or not. There not gonna say, looks like we'll wait till 360 development catches up, and hold up PS3 development, etc.

djaparatic3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

I wasnt pleased when I heard that FFXIII went multiplatform , and I too have a lot expectations from this game. It worries me because FFXIII is sucha huge project it will have some flops because xbox version. But guys you all didnt read enough about the game itself. main director said that the game is first to be developed for PS3 and after localization and spreding the game on PS3 they ll start working on the xbox version. they are not making it right now during the main process. I was sceptic about this too, but look at the facts, the famitsu in japan had recived the demo for test and they said the game is superb, no loading times (it only proves they are working on ps3 version first), fast gameplay with no slowdowns. And if you look the FF13 graphic, and all that with no slowdowns... I think this is a proof that sais the project qualitiy will be on top. I personally think that story and characters will be great in this one. FF12 played a LOT with numerous strange and unfamiliar concepts and they werent adopted by the fans. but again if you look objectively . the game WAS on the HIGHEST possible production, and graphic level.(for ps2 ofcorse). I only say NO NEED TO WORRY. FFXIII staff has learned lesson on FF12 missouts, they took only the good aspect of 12 and returned on the basis of the FF reinovating them. I think this one will be awesome game. I just hope that I managed to remove all the doupts in hearts of these players, if I didnt wait for the game and youll see. and yeah about gameplay.. I realy cant conect it to MMO ,,, why? well today there are numerous sites proving that gameplay is going back to its roots. basicly advanced FFX system. and I realy can say its souns interesting and fun. especialy chains attacks. FF12 had awefull and boring gameplay... but yet it had its own benefits. as I said FF13 conects all these things and goes for good concepts..