Germany fines Microsoft 9 million Euros

The German government has fined Microsoft 9 million Euros for illegally pressing a retailer to sell its Office productivity software for a certain price.

Microsoft employees and those of a national retailer met twice and agreed on the resale price of "Office Home and Student 2007." An advertising campaign for the software then launched in October.

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TheTwelve3244d ago

Europe has done this at least a few times in the past for ridiculous reasons... As a PS3 fanboy and yet a patriotic American, I'm torn by how Microsoft is being thrown around by the EU.

Still, if Europe was smart, they'd make Microsoft pay for all of their WW2


WhittO3244d ago

how is that a reply to the comment Red made ?!

and ye lol @ pic

CoxMulder3244d ago

Well, us europeans just cringe when we see someone attempting world domination.. ;)

IaMs123243d ago

So your afraid it may happen to you guys again?

Kornholic3243d ago

Isn't USA the one that is in HUGE debt? Isn't USA the one who has to borrow money from other countries? Yes and yes. Are Europeans smarter than US citizens? Hell yes.

You can stick that patriotism right up where it belongs, where the Sun doesn't shine, son.

hatchimatchi3243d ago

anything said by someone who calls themselves kornholic should be taken with a grain of salt

Mikerra173243d ago

in this economy thats like 1 billion us dollars lol

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Godmars2903244d ago

Boy! How is MS going to take a hit like that!

IzKyD13313244d ago

They make that much after selling 4 Xbox hard drives

Obama3243d ago

Withdrawing their big cards? No games???

ShabzS3244d ago

who the fudge is that guy in the pic??

Lucreto3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

It is Steve Ballmer Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft.

gamesmaster3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

thats a walrus in a shirt..

EDIT: lol at the disagree, steve's mother must be here.

UltraNova3244d ago

One bubble coming up for you mate you made me laugh my ass off!

Ghoul3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

Steve Mr Swet Balmer

ShabzS3244d ago

man i had a completely different picture of him in my head... he looks like uncle fester from the adams family..

Lucreto3244d ago

He must have a shower in his office or owns a antiperspirant factory.

Joking aside he might just have a sweating problem like most heavy set men.

WhittO3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

lol is he the one that was egged ?

EDIT: OMG @ that video from 3.4 !!! :O , just, wow.

KittyCat3243d ago

The video that Ghoul posted made me LMFAO! What the heck is wrong with Steve Ballmer?

Why o why3243d ago

that be that apple koolaid

Narutone663243d ago

on one of MS's developer's conference. That's where Steve earned the nickname Gorilla. He looks like a Gorilla out of his cage. Lol.

Sanhlami3243d ago

that was a video of when he was depressed

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Lotard33244d ago

Wow. I hope that that picture is somehow photoshopped. Imagine how many shirts he goes through in a day.

Pennywise3244d ago

Imagine how much yayo he goes through in a day!

Finalfantasykid3244d ago

I think this was later on in the press conference.

TheTwelve3244d ago

That seriously happened. Wow that's one stanky big boy.


Klopek3244d ago

ROFL! I had always presumed that picture to be fake. What a crazy, sweating behemoth!

Nineball21123244d ago

Developers, developers, developers, developers, developers...


Look, if they paid me as much as they pay Stevie Ballmer, I'd be their biggest friggin' cheerleader too. :D

Pennywise3243d ago

This guy snorts rails before conferences... People will get mad about talking about Balmer, but his promo commercials for Windows are absolutely insane.

Its pure entertainment.... gotta love this guy.

KittyCat3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

That guy has lost his mind. Developers, developers, developers, developers, indeed!

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irish-leprecaun3244d ago

dats 9 millie dat dey could have spent on developing a half decent game!! awww well.