Eidos: 'Batman will be the stand-out game of 2009'

Arkham Asylum is 'close to perfect,' claims Eidos; Four-month marketing push planned

Batman Arkham Asylum will be one of the biggest titles of the year and set a new benchmark for licensed video games, says Eidos.

The claim follows similar bold comments by Activision Blizzard, who last week told MCV that Modern Warfare 2 had the potential to be the 'No. 1 entertainment property of the year.'

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Pennywise3541d ago

Oh Edios... I hope it is. Still waiting for a decent game from you guys.

nolifeking3541d ago

When is the last time either one of these names have put out a runaway success in gaming? At this point all I'll say Eidos could finally have decent game under their belt after all these years, same goes for batman.

pandabear3541d ago

In a shock turn of events, today saw the makers of a game say there game was going to be great - Remember Haze???

SH3MRON3541d ago

...cause TR sucked and if Eidos keeps doing the same crapy games with a lot of hype no one will buy the games. TR sold only because of Lara Croft and it still didn't sell as well as for batman it will sell because of the name but we will have to see if its half as good as they say. I hope its good but I think its just gonna be an average game at most.

Grown Folks Talk3541d ago

it looks like it will be pretty good, but I highly doubt it will be game of the year to many people.