Eurogamer: Resident Evil 5: Versus Review

What's harder to defend is Capcom's decision to charge for this in the first place. The file size of 1.86MB is an obvious giveaway, and once you actually play it, you'll soon realise that you've paid for some subtle rule changes to The Mercenaries mode, albeit with additional players. Admittedly not everyone who buys Versus will have even seen The Mercenaries yet, given that you have to actually finish the main game to unlock it, but that's not really defensible. Capcom is renowned for providing a ton of added value in all past Resident Evil games via unlockables, but this time it has decided to monetise that with extra content that was blatantly already on the disk.

And while all the modes within Versus are fun for a while, Capcom has missed a trick by not even including basic customisation options which are the very least you expect from an online game in 2009. For a few quid you'll get a fair bit of enjoyment, but the fact remains that there's a putrid whiff of exploitation about this one. Let your wallet be your guide.

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