Mass Effect 2: We won't "shy away" from controversial moments, says BioWare

Good news, alien sex fans. Remember the "porn" scene from Mass Effect? The one pop psychologist Cooper Lawrence claimed contained "graphic" shagging? The one that actually didn't?

BioWare's promising more "emotionally engaging moments" for Mass Effect 2. We know because Steph asked BioWare co-founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk at GDC.

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Leio3484d ago (Edited 3484d ago )

What "Porn sexscene"?? what the fuk are they talking about??? it was merely a softcore..I hope Bioware just keep up with what they were doing and perhaps show us a little more this time :D

3484d ago
Bnet3433484d ago

Confirmed: Ass Effect 2. Bootylicious alien babes get down with the captain.

menoyou3484d ago

Now why would they shy away? It's the main reason their game was popular. I thought the gameplay was attrocious.

ShadesMoolah3484d ago

VG247 are they having a laugh or what?

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jay23484d ago

Good, people should be aloud to show want they want, Manhunt 2 shouldn't have had to be edited, AUS should get an 18 rating ect.

Nelson M3484d ago

More Controversial Elevator Moments

RadientFlux3484d ago

I never saw what the big issue was with the first Mass Effect. It's not like the sex scene was gratuitous/just added for shock value.

I'm glad Bioware isn't going to shy from controversial issues for the second Mass Effect.

Baka-akaB3484d ago

Well i do believe the sex/flirt parts were quite gratuitous for the most part and not often served any plot .
Come on those "ohhh you helped me ! I must repay you ! Would you prefer it with my body ?" kind of scene were , and bordeline cheese porn dialogue .

However yea , it wasnt shocking or indecent . Just badly done imo .

RebornSpy3484d ago

That's actually not how it happened at all. It's not like you save someone and they're suddenly like "let's have sex... NAO!!!".

You have to talk with them multiple times to slowly get them to like you more, thereby opening up the so-called "porn" scene. Sure it doesn't help the plot at all, but it's completely optional anyway.

I definitely wouldn't say it's badly done.

pain777pas3484d ago

This game is not for the immature. The Stuff found in the game was very well done and added to the experience a layer that gaming has not even touched yet in a epic game like this not focussed on sex only. Bioware now be very controversial and release the game on the PS3 you owe Microsoft nothing. Its not like they are not gonna get to play the game aswell. Please EA Bioware where ever you are in Vancouver make this happen and I will be a even more loyal fan. I'm not dusting off my 360 for this game alone.

irish-leprecaun3484d ago (Edited 3484d ago )

am i the only one who feels really uncomfortable in the presence of others while playn games wit sexual scenes in it?? or is dat jst an irish thing!

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