Mario Kart should be rated 18

Mario is a menace and Mario Kart should be limited to adults, says sarcastic Brummy.

Following an opinion piece in UK tabloid the Metro, which argued that video games were not the sole cause of violent crime, Matthew Higgins from Birmingham replied in a cutting (yet sarcastic) letter.

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SinnedNogara3417d ago

They should add this stuff to BadJoystick, to make it FUNNY!!

techie3417d ago

To make BadJoystik funny or make this story funny?

SinnedNogara3416d ago

To make BadJoystick funny.

Raz3417d ago

I always knew Mario was no good - all those mushrooms I popped as a's all his fault!

Raz3416d ago

I can't believe someone actually disagreed with a joke. Must really be bored...

maniacmayhem3416d ago

They should make Mario Kart(Wii) rated SUCK.