City of Heroes: Issue 14 Live

Issue 14, the latest update for the MMO City of Heroes which contains the new 'Mission Architect' feature, is now live.

The Mission Architect system allows players to create their own missions in-game, then share them with other players. Pick your own environment, objectives and even dialogue. Players can even add existing characters from the CoH lore, along with many other customisation options.

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AndyA3541d ago

Love the idea of user created missions.

Leord3541d ago

As with youtube, lots of it will be silly, stupid and useless, but that's fun! Also, there will be some truly amazing things as well.

User created content can be done well or horrible by the developers. I'm very interested in how this will end!

Malfurion3541d ago

Yeah I imagine people will create all sorts of rubbish. Still an awesome feature tho ^ ^

Leord3541d ago

Oooh, a little MMO 2.0 as it were =)

Malfurion3541d ago

Yeah the MI is a pretty cool idea, hopefully more MMOs adopt it. I'd love something like this in WoW.

thetamer3541d ago

This is going ot be amazing. As well as the nemisis thing, that should be great.

Leord3541d ago

Is there a nemesis system in "City of"?

Maticus3541d ago

I was just thinking that, that's Champions I think.

Maticus3541d ago

A very similar system to the Mission Architect is going into Champions Online isn't it?

Cogo3541d ago

Sounds like a complete ripoff.

Malfurion3541d ago

Yeah the games sound VERY similar.

Fyzzu3541d ago

This is probably going to make me sign up for my nineteenth free City Of trial :p

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